DJ Speakers: Best 4 Speakers for EDM



So you got your controller and now you’re looking for that sweet EDM sound. When you are producing cutting edge electronic music, you need the best of both worlds. You need the warmth of analog with the precision and clarity of digital…Let’s jump right in!

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#1Yamaha HS7 Powered Studio Monitors Pair Black w/ XLR Cables - BundleYamaha HS7° 60Watt LF & 35W HF bi-amp

° 2 Way bass-relex

° OOM Control
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#2Focal Alpha 50°low directivity

°neutral sound /no distortion
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#3Dual ElectronicsDual Electronics LU43PW°Enhanced Sound Clarity


°100 Watts of Peak Power
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#4JBL LSR310S 10" Powered Studio Subwoofer
° 10dBV/+4 dBu sensitivity switch

° Maximum Peak Input Level:+20.3 dBu
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Yamaha HS7



They are widely regarded as the grandchild of the legendary NS10s, the HS7s  resemble their older relative and the white cones are the giveaway. When it comes to the original NS10’s they were either loved or  hated in nearly every recording studio in the world. The HB7’s have the NS10’s look, but very few of the frustrations.


This is a strong pair of studio monitor speakers! They have an excellent bass response. That is natural and warm. The hats and snares are crisp and sharp. If you are recording electronic dance music, this is a pair of DJ monitor speakers that are perfect for the studio environment. The notable white cone woofers are 6.7″ with a 1″ arch tweeter. They will give you every frequency your ears need and more.

The low and high trim will let you alter the frequency response to meet the demands of your surrounds. The frequency changes are not a miracle worker. They will not have your garage sounding like a soundproofed room. The touches are subtle and are not there to fix all. If you break the basic rules of studio monitor speakers you will always have problems no matter how many acoustic settings your studio monitors have.


Focal Alpha 50


If space is going to be an issue, as it is often is in most home studio scenarios, then the Alpha 50 does an excellent job of packing a great deal of punch into such a compact monitor speaker. The excellent noise direction feature helps you identify your sweet spot, then focus your audio straight at the source.


The adjustable bass and treble levels mean you can set your monitors to the style of music you are producing. If you are working on bass-heavy Dubstep, you can increase your bass. However, you can go in a completely different direction when you are mixing house music. The versatility on Alpha50 is excellent. For any DJ, versatile speakers that can hit your sweet spot are essential and these 50’s are a superb choice for electronic play.




Dual Electronics LU43PW


When the budget is tight, you need a set of budget speakers that stand up well,  inside and outside. So, this is a set of speakers with everything necessary to blast out big sounds to the people at a block party.  Further, this is a pair of DJ speakers that are equally as comfortable in the home studio and excellent for electronic play. If you want a pair of budget DJ speakers that can do it all, Dual Electronics comes up big with LU43 DJ speakers.

These speakers have been optimized for high-frequency use. This is great if you are looking at mixing vocal house or techno. You will be blown away with some of the high-frequency results you can generate. The speaker boxes have been waterproofed. You can create your tracks in the bedroom. You can also take your sounds outside thanks in large part to the weatherproofed cabinets. The speakers are balanced well enough to sound good in the studio or out in your yard.




Rating 9.8/10

How would you like a club  in your bedroom studio? A simple question with only one answer of course, you do and who wouldn’t. Scenario: You are committed to bass and you want your beats to be the heaviest on the planet. The JBL LSR310S will do that for you. This is a studio standard under the table bass box that goes boom! As far as home studios go, this is the subwoofer you need. The bass is deep and fills the room. However, it does not over-dominate. If you are producing bass heavy music, say hello to the JBL LSR series. A subwoofer will not do it on its own. It will need some help.