Best DJ Speakers: Top 10 Overall

Best DJ Speakers : Brands & Tips



To understand which speakers you should claim when looking to add it to your DJ set, one must first understand the differences each type of speaker functions as. In this list of the best overall DJ speakers, we discuss what powered speakers are, how external amplifiers can help change the game if you don’t go with a powered speaker rig, what rig to use when on a tight budget, what impedance to look for in your speakers and why it matters, what crossovers and tweeters do to effectively function the way you want them to function, and how insulation works and why it is key to a successful set. We will also round out the top 10 overall DJ speakers for the current year.

What are Powered Speakers?

If you have powered speakers you do not need an external amplifier. There are a number of advantages to having powered speakers. For a start there is less to carry since the amplifier is included in the speaker cabinet. The down side to this, is your speakers will be heavier.

What are the advantages of using a separate amplifier?

If you use a separate amplifier, you will  have greater control over the volume and connectivity of your speakers. You can connect more speakers and start to daisy chain amplifiers using crossovers.

What is the Best Option for a Beginner:  Powered or Amplifier powered PA Speakers.?

If you are on a small budget it is best to use powered speakers. If you are using your PA on the road, you will notice that it will take up less space. A powered PA is more adaptable to different environments. If you are a beginner a powered PA is the best option.

What do I need to Look For in Good PA Speakers?

It is best to look at the quality of the drivers and the impedance of the speakers. You are looking for eight ohm plus impedance. You also need to look at the crossovers used and the tweeters. Avoid plastic tweeters where possible. Also look for PA speakers that are in heavy duty boxes. Especially for bass, where the insulation is key.


The Best DJ Speakers of this Era: Our Recommendations


The Best PA System


Rockville RPG15 15″ Powered 1000W DJ/PA Speakers+ 18″ Subs+Poles+Cables  

Rating: 9.7/10


If you are looking for a well-balanced sound system that won’t break the bank. The Rockville RPG 15 has what you are looking for. This PA system has been developed for live bands. As a result, it is perfectly balanced for the needs of a DJ. The 18″ subs deliver 1,000 watts of solid, deep and round bass. I like how clean and crisp the response is from the bass drivers for this unit.


The 15″ speakers deliver a very good middle and high-frequency response. You are missing the sharp crispness of high hat tweeters. However, the mid-range drivers deliver a wide frequency that delivers clarity and crispness. If you are playing vocal house or pounding jungle. The Rockville RPG 15 has got you covered.


The Rockville horns are impressive, especially when I consider the entire system is so compact. Considering this powered system has such a big sound. It is surprisingly lightweight to transport. The fact you don’t need any external amplifiers is very appealing. If you want to have a house party and be sure you will upset the neighbors. The Rockville RPG15 is a good option. Not only for your bass and beats requirements. But also for any friends who are involved in live music. Big sound systems have been known to grow from small PAs. Don’t forget the free delivery.


What are the best Studio Monitors?


KRK RP5G3-NA Rokit 5 Generation 3 Powered Studio Monitor

Rating 9.8/10


If you are building a home DJ studio or just looking for a pair of high-quality speakers. There are many studio monitors available. The best thing about these speakers is that they give the ideal frequency range for the purposes of a DJ. When you play music and get into the mix. The bass and high end are perfect for techno, house and jungle.


You need to listen to both the speaker mix and the headphone mix. If you are learning how to mix. A good pair of speakers will be a very big help. If you are moving beyond being just a DJ. And are becoming more involved in making loops and samples. A good pair of studio speakers is essential. When selecting a pair of studio monitors it is important to understand the environment you will use your studio monitors in.


It is hard to find near field monitors that are suitable for a DJ. A near field monitor will normally deliver a flat frequency with additional effects. In terms of physics, a flat frequency is equal a natural sound. If you are producing music you want a natural sound. When are throwing beats and bass lines. You want elements of the music to outweigh others. Rating:9.9

Edifier R1700BT



There are more and more excellent DJ solutions for the iPad and smartphone. If you look locally,  you will find car park ravers cooking up beats with an iPhones and a mixer. Everybody is capable of taking the DJ role. It is nice to see a pair of hard-working DJ monitor speakers that are not only powered by Bluetooth, but also use a very light overall power consumption.


When you think of Bluetooth speakers, you think of portable speakers that can fit in a rucksack. What we have here is a powerful pair of DJ monitor speakers that look like professional studio monitors. The key is they don’t need a load of expensive power amplifiers to power them.


These speakers are ready to pair with all Windows IOS and Android devices. The classic wood finish cabinets. Houses two auxiliary inputs and a jack input. If you want to link more than one professional audio speaker, you can do so using the RCA through connection.


Professional Monitors



JBL VRX915M 15


The first time I walked into a DJ booth in a professional club I was shocked by two things. First was the smell, the second was the size of the monitor speaker. It is not until you are in that environment that you understand why you need such a big speaker in the DJ booth.


If you are building a party room or a mobile rave system, a big and powerful monitor speaker is essential. As a DJ you need to clearly hear what the people on the dance floor are hearing. JBL are the kings of monitor speakers. You often find a big square JBL monitor or a wedge monitor speaker in the DJ booth of the bigger clubs.


The wedge design is very useful, especially if space is an issue. The wedge design channels the sound frequency in the direction you want it to go. That direction is to your ears. A wedge monitor speaker on the floor or on a shelf close to where you mix can come in handy when playing in a small and noisy space.


What is The best bedroom DJ speaker?


JBL Xtreme Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker


If you like your bass to be heavy, you will know the importance of quality bass drivers. If you are looking for a DJ monitor where you can see just how heavy the bass is, the JBL wedge monitor shows just how big the bass is through the two external passive radiators. That delivers a true a clear sub that will rock your DJ sets from House to Dubstep.


If you are playing outdoor pool, parties the JBL is water proof. The splash-proof design means youR monitors will be safe, whatever the weather.  With up to 15 hours of play time, you will not need to worry about you sounds dying. The Bluetooth integration will link straight to Traktor and your smart device.


What is the best budget DJ party speaker?


Sylvania SP328-Black Portable Bluetooth Speaker


For a long time, the challenge has been how loud can you go? At the same time, the challenge was how small can you go. The SP328 has mastered both loud and small. The 2 x 4-inch Hi-Fi speakers deliver clear treble and ample bass. The volume controls are a nice touch. As you can MIDI map you master volume as another feature. In the never ended search for small and very loud speakers. That will make a DJ sound good and not break their bank account. I think we have a winner.


What is the best Bluetooth DJ speaker?


Pyle PPHP1037UB Powered Active PA Loudspeaker Bluetooth System





When it comes to Bluetooth PA speakers, there are very few that meet the demands of the heavy bass music. Fortunately, the PPHP is big on bass. The built-in USB and party mode makes this the perfect speaker for your next party. We have had great fun using the Karaoke machine mode. The bright color also helps the PPHP stand out in the crowd.


Ok, this is not a speaker that makes you say “coolio”. These however, are hard working speakers that will be good for a bedroom DJ. It will also be great for a house party. The karaoke mode will make next Christmas more interesting. This is an excellent speaker, despite its appearance.


Sound Town Callisto



Yes, big heavy boxes make me scream, loud! The Sound Town Callisto is an 8 ohm 400 watt peak passive, powered speaker that delivers 45 kHz to 20 kHz frequency response. These speakers have been made for touring. The heavy wood units have been covered to meet the demands of the road. If you are looking to build your first DJ sound systems, The Sound Town Callisto are worth a closer look. As you willl see from the frequency response, they provide solid middle frequencies with adequate bass. The real bass head DJ will want a greater bass response. Those who just want a tight thud for a house set will have no problems with the Sound Town Callisto series PA speakers.


Pyle Powered Bluetooth PA Active Loudspeaker



The concepts of many small speakers connected by Bluetooth is one that is highly in demand when it comes to professional audio. It looks as though the days of twisted and tangled speaker leads are behind us forever. Pyle Powered Bluetooth Speakers can chain linked. This is a great idea if you are building a sound system to support your DJ’ing.

For a very low cost, you can build a highly portable and powerful sound system. The Bluetooth will instantly connect to all Bluetooth devices including smartphones. There is one word of warning. If you want to link more than one pair of speakers together, you cannot do this while using the Bluetooth. You will need to use XLR leads to make the connection.