Best DJ Speakers: Top 10 Overall

Speaker System Choices For A Variety of Sets

Size is not everything. It’s what you do with your speakers.

You would think the bigger the better? It depends, some of the best speakers are puny, all more the reason not to carry a bulk load everywhere you go. Let other DJ’s carry the heavy-duty speakers and amplifiers in their RV’s. Now of course if you are on a major tour you are going to want the best and biggest.

For home studio, I have two middle-sized studio monitors speakers. For my beach rave bag, I have a Mini Rig. I love speaker systems, some people love sneakers. I just love speakers.

If you want to hold a bedroom rave, build the ultimate home DJ studio or have a PA big enough to rock a block party, then you may want to go a little bigger with a wider range of amplification. I have found the best value and most easily transportable sound systems in the world. What is even better is the fact you can get them delivered to your door. Ready to plug in and shock your neighbors with some heavy beats and bleeps!

1|Bluetooth: Pyle PPHP1037UB Powered Active PA Loudspeaker Bluetooth System

  •  m: 1037UB Rating 9.7/10


  • Vabd mode
  • Built In USB Mode
  • Party Modes


2|Budget: Sylvania SP328-Black Portable Bluetooth Speaker

  • SP328 Rating 9.5/10


  • 2 x 4-inch Hi-Fi
  • Press treble
  • Huge Bass

3| JBL Xtreme Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
  • M: On Pro Rating 9.3/10


  • Shower Proof
  • MIDI Map Master Volume
  • 15 Hrs of Playing Time


4| JBL VRX915M 15″ Two-Way Stage Monitor

  • M: VRX915  Rating 9.9/10


5|Edifier R1700BT

  • M: R1700BT  Rating 9.8/10


  • 2 x AUX INPUT
  • 3.5mm headphone output or dual RCA output
  • walnut wood effect vinyl


6| KRK RP5G3-NA Rokit 5 Generation 3 Powered Studio Monitor

  • RP5G3 Rating 9.9/10


  • Bi-amped, class A/B amplifier
  • Proprietary waveguide
  • 1 Soft-dome tweeter

7| Best PA System: Rockville RPG15 15″ Powered 1000W DJ/PA Speakers+ 18″ Subs+Poles+Cables

  • RPG15 Rating 10/10


  • 1,000 Watts DJ/PA Speaker System
  • Rockville RBG18FA 18″ 3000W Pro Audio Folded Horn Active Powered Subwoofer
  • 128dB peak / 125dB continuous


8| M-Audio AV32 | 10-Watt Compact Studio Monitor Speakers with 3-inch Woofer

  • M:AV32 Rating: 9.7/10


  • Entry-level
  • 3-inch woofer, 10-watt per channel amplifier
  • Flexible, uncovered speaker cones

9| Acoustic: Audio by Goldwood PA-500X

  • M: 500x Rating: 9.6/10


  • Three way passive 8 ohm speaker pair
  • Bass reflex cabinet design, wedge shape structure for vertical or horizontal sound orientation
  • 5.25″ polypropylene laminate cone woofers with strontium magnet structure


10| JBL LSR305 Professional

  • M: LSR305 Rating: 9.9/10


  • Broad Sweet Spot -3-Series speakers
  • 3 Series efficient Class D Amplifiers
  • Flagship M2 Master

Never play the mix you are producing too loud.

No this is not about your neighbors. Trust me, I don’t even like your neighbors. That was a joke, respect your neighbors on some real deal Holyfield.  If you mix a track when it is too loud you will lose the feeling of the track you are mixing. Let me get a few things straight. We are describing the mixing of a track you are producing and not a track you are mixing in a club.


During the production process, you need to hear every aspect of your music. This is why a good quality pair of studio monitor speakers is so important. When you are mixing a track with your speakers at club levels of loudness. Your ears will become tired very quickly and you will begin to lose certain frequencies. If you are getting your ears blasted when performing a DJ mix, make the necessary adjustments.  When you are mixing for the purpose of audio production, you want the volume to be more delicate.

Don’t Sit Too Close: studio moniter placement

If you are too close to your speakers you will experience a small element of distortion. More importantly, you will never hear the space in the music. Without getting too scientific, Audio needs space, so stay fifteen inches back from your monitors at minimum.

Putting your DJ studio monitors in the correct position is all about finding the sweet spot. The sweet spot is the central point when your speakers are pointing in at an angle of forty-five degrees. The sweet spot is the point where your ears experience perfect stereo. It is important to have your DJ studio monitor speakers on a solid surface so to avoid rattling or movement under the pressure of the bass woofers.  Your studio monitor speakers should have no obstacles in their way to obstruct the sound. You want a clear path from your speakers to your ears.

How to select a good pair of studio monitors and not break the bank.

You can easily spend thousands of dollars on a pair of studio monitor speakers. At the same time, you can spend a few hundred dollars and get incredible studio standard monitor speakers. It is simply a case of knowing what you are looking for. Selecting a pair of studio monitor speakers is a little like looking for a new apartment.  Nothing is ever perfect. You always have to allow for compromise. When you are buying professional audio equipment on a budget you always have to allow for a little give and take.  Furthermore, be prepared to weigh up the pros and cons.

What about Frequency?

You are looking for flat a natural frequency response. Yes, you want deep and crisp bass but you don’t want to lose anything in the middle frequency ranges. If your intention is to strip the middle frequencies of everything but the snare kick, you want your studio monitors to be forgiving.

You need to be able to hear everything that is happening. This way you can remove what doesn’t sound crisp. With poor speakers that overload certain frequencies you are always fighting for space in the mix. The flatter the frequency response, the more room you will find in the mix.

Do I need different speakers for making music?

The introduction of the MIDI DJ controller has allowed the DJ to evolve as the DJ moves beyond the traditional two turntables and a mixer. The role of the DJ is more of a producer rather than a performer who just plays other peoples music. With this in mind, more and more DJ’s are building small production studios and starting to make their own music.

If you are looking for speakers for the purpose of producing music and creating a final production mix for that music, the requirement of your speakers will change dependent of many conditions.  When you play music at a party or in a club you need a certain type of speaker and you need certain frequencies to sound different to how they normally would sound. When you make music, you need your music to sound as natural as possible.

Understand your environment. Understand your speakers.

Different speakers have different requirements. A good pair of monitor speakers should have a flat frequency response. This is so you are “affecting” a raw signal when you mix your final track. The crossover from DJ to the producer requires a slightly more delicate approach to certain aspects of music. When you only DJ, life is about big bass. When you produce music you are looking for a blank, more natural canvas.

If you make electronic music on a pair of high-performance club speakers there is a very good chance your music is going to sound bass heavy with the final recording being of very little use. At the same time, if you tried to hold a party with a pair of studio monitor speakers they would blow in no time.

When you add the JBL LSR 305 to the mix you get a studio monitor system that can reproduce the biggest and best club sounds. If you are looking to bring the power of the race to the DJ studio,  the combined JBL LSR series is everything a dance music producer could ask for.

I know, I know, you can go ahead and say it. Why would I mix on a karaoke speaker? The answer is because it’s a good speaker. With big bass drivers and super sounding horn, if your intention is to bring PA speakers to the studio, then say hello to the Goldwood PA system that really really good in a small spaces. The 5.25 laminate cone woofers give a clear sound. You will need to look at professional studio equipment. If you go down the PA round in the studio road, you will need big amps and ¼ adapters. Your mini jack will not work here and you can forget about Bluetooth.


Our first studio was the size of a broom closet. That is because it took place in an actual broom closet… When we finally came out of the closet after many years, to start playing live, you can imagine the jokes we had to deflect. What we learned from this struggle was the importance of a compact, but powerful DJ monitor speaker, that will not distort under pressure. You need a DJ monitor speaker that is up to the task in tight spaces. M-Audio AV32 delivers quality and power. This is a budget studio, DJ monitor speaker that is up to snuff, especially in tight quarters.

7| Rockville RPG15 15″ Powered 1000W DJ/PA Speakers+ 18″ Subs+Poles+Cables

If you are looking for a well-balanced sound system that won’t break the bank the Rockville RPG 15 has what you are looking for. This PA system has been developed for live bands. As a result, it is perfectly balanced for the needs of a DJ. The 18″ subs deliver 1,000 watts of solid, deep and round bass. We like how clean and crisp the response is from the bass drivers on this unit.

The 15″ speakers deliver a very good middle and high-frequency response. You are missing the blazing crispness of high hat tweeters. However, the mid-range drivers deliver a wide frequency that delivers clarity and crispness. If you are playing vocal house or pounding jungle the Rockville RPG 15 has got you covered.

The Rockville horns are impressive, especially when you consider the entire system including poles and leads costs only $1,200 ish… Considering this powered system has such a big sound. It is surprisingly light weight to transport. The fact you don’t need any external amplifiers is very appealing.

If you want to have a house party and be sure you will upset the neighbors. The Rockville RPG15 is a good option. Not only for your bass and beats requirements, but also for any friends who are involved in live music. Big sound systems have been known to grow from small PAs. Don’t forget the free delivery.

    If you are building a home DJ studio or just looking for a pair of high-quality speakers there are many studio monitors available. The best thing about these KRK RP5G3-NA

    speakers is they give the ideal frequency range for the purposes of a DJ. When you play music and get into the mix the bass and high end are perfect for techno house and jungle.

    You need to listen to both the speaker mix and the headphone mix. If you are learning how to mix, a good pair of speakers will be a very big help. If you are moving beyond being just a DJ and want to delve in making loops and samples, a good pair of studio speakers is essential. When selecting a pair of studio monitors it is important to understand the environment you will use your studio monitors in.

    It is hard to find near field monitors that are suitable for a DJ. A near field monitor will normally deliver a flat frequency with additional effects. In terms of physics, a flat frequency is equal a natural sound. If you are producing music you want a natural sound. When are throwing beats and bass lines. You want elements of the music to outweigh others.

    • When you think of Bluetooth speakers you think of portable speakers that can fit in a rucksack. What we have here is a powerful pair of DJ monitor speakers that look like professional studio monitors. The secret is they don’t need a bank of expensive power amplifiers to power them. These Edifier R1700 BT speakers are ready to pair with all Windows IOS and Android devices. The classic wood finish cabinets house two auxiliary inputs and a jack input. If you want to link more than one item. You can do so using the RCA through connection.

      There are more an more excellent DJ solutions for the iPad and smartphone. If you look in your local area you will find car park ravers cooking up beats with an iPhones and a mixer. It is nice to see a pair of hard-working DJ monitor speakers that not only powered by Bluetooth but also keep it light their overall power consumption.

      The first time I walked into a DJ booth at a pro’s club I  was taken back by two things. First was the smell.. the second was the size of the monitor speaker. It is not until you are in that environment that you understand why you need such a big speaker at the DJ booth. If you are building a party room or a mobile rave system, then a big and powerful monitor speaker is essential. As a DJ you need to clearly hear what the people on the dance floor are hearing. JBL are the kings of monitor speakers. You often find a big square JBL T4S monitor or a wedge monitor speaker in the DJ booth of most big clubs.

      If you like your bass to be heavy, you will know the importance of quality bass drivers. If you are looking for a DJ monitor where you can see just how heavy the bass is this would be a great acquisition. The JBL Wedge monitor shows just how big the bass is through the two external passive radiators that delivers a true a clear sub that will rock you DJ sets from house to dubstep.

      If you are playing outdoor parties the JBL is shower proof. The splash-proof design means you monitors will be safe whatever the weather.  With up to 15 hours of play time, you will not need to worry about you sounds dying. The Bluetooth integration will link straight to Traktor and your smart device.

      For a long time, the challenge has been how loud can you go? At the same time, the challenge was how small can you go. The SP328 has mastered both loud and small. The 2 x 4-inch Hi-Fi speakers deliver clear treble and ample bass. The volume controls are a nice touch. As you can MIDI map you master volume as another feature.

      When it comes to Bluetooth PA speakers there are very few that meet the demands of the heavy bass music. Fortunately, the PPHP is big on bass. The built-in USB and party mode makes this the perfect speaker for your net part. We have had great fun using the Vabd mode as an office Karaoke machine. The bright color also helps the PPHP stand out in the crowd. This is a fun and budget-friendly big speaker. You can DJ straight of your iPhone using the Bluetooth. You can also link other external audio devices.

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