Top 10 Best DJ Turntables (Mixers and Mics w/Guides)

Two Turn Tables N A Microphone…Oooh and Mixers: Top Choices

When it comes to playing records and being a retro two turntables/mixer DJ, you have a number of options.  The most important option is to more likely go digital with a digital vinyl system.  Furthermore. digital vinyl will give you the best of both worlds. Reason being , you will have two analog turntables but you will have two pieces of encoded vinyl that will let you mix MP3 and FLAC straight from your laptop. Smash!

1| Beginner: Pioneer DJ PLX 500

  • M: PLX Rating 9.6/10


  • Cover Art Display
  • High-quality vinyl sound
  • Mix and scratch your vinyl records


2| Pioneer DJ PLX 1000 Series

  • M:1000 Rating 9.7/10


  • High-torque direct drive
  • Multi-tempo control
  • Heavy-mass, die-cast chassis
  • Interchangeable power and audio cables

3| Superstar Status Level: Technics 1210
  • M: 1210 Rating 10/10


  • Highly sensitive low-mass tone-arm
  • Precision molded aluminum diecast cabinet and heavy rubber base material
  • Adjustable stop break


4| Budget: Pioneer DJM 250

  • M: 250 Rating 9.6/10


5|Pioneer DJM 900

  • M: 900 Rating 9.8/10


  • 4 PHONO inputs and DVS
  • 96kHz/24-bit sound card
  • 4-channel DJ Mixer


6|Denom DJ DS1

  • M:DS1 Rating 9.7/10


  • Premium Digital Vinyl System
  • Plug and play with Serato DJ and Serato DVS Expansion Pack
  • Studio-grade 24-bit digital to analog conversion

7| DEEJAY LED TBHELPBK Fly Drive LP Record Case

  • M: FLY Rating 9.0/10


  • Gray Flat Foam Inside Padding
  • Reinforced Chrome Steel Corners
  • Engineered to Hold 80 LP Records Securely


8| Mic:Audio-Technica AT2020USB+

  • M:AT2020 Rating 9.8/10


  • Cardioid Condenser
  • High quality A/D converter with 16 bit, 44.1/48 kHz sampling
  • Mix control

9| Blue Yeti Pro

  • M:Pro Rating 9.7/10


  • 15 Hz – 22 kHz frequency response
  • Cutting-edge A-D converter chip
  • 15 Hz – 22 kHz frequency response.


10| Electro-Voice RE27N/D

  • M: RE27N/D Rating 9.9/10


  • 3 switchable filters: one high frequency
  • 2 low frequencies
  • internal blast/wind filter cover3-year warranty

Understanding Microphones, Mixers and TurnTables

How is a USB microphone different from a regular XLR microphone? First, The microphone is a simple invention, you simply talk into it. Second , the microphone amplifies your voice and delivers that frequency to a power amplifier. Furthermore, The frequency is further amplified as it passes to either a loud speaker or digital recorder.

A USB microphone works in very much the same way. The only difference is the USB microphone does not contain a  pre-amp. This means the audio signal from a USB microphone is only amplified once. The USB microphone instead relies on the computer to process the signal. Therefore, If you are going to a DJ who works with a vocalist or MC you will need a good quality microphone. And, If you are playing and practicing at home a USB microphone is adequate. But if you are playing live or recording anything professionally, you should look to an XLR connection microphones.

How to Select A Mic

Mic Check:

If you are recording vocals you need to look at a condenser microphone. A condenser microphone reacts better to loud sounds.  A condenser microphone uses a wire coil to amplify the frequency whereas a ribbon microphone uses a very delicate ribbon to amplify the frequency.

The other type of microphone is a dynamic microphone. A dynamic microphone is less sensitive to high frequencies. When you think about the human voice, especially when it sings, it uses a very wide frequency range and with an emphasis on many low and high frequencies. This is why a condenser microphone should be used over a dynamic microphone if you are recording or performing vocals.

When Using a Mic to DJ

If you use a microphone that comes with filters and effects you will alter the audio before it hits the mixer, you will find that when using any effect, you will have to compensate for the effect to the audio signal prior to it reaching the mixer. If you record a natural frequency you will find it more easy to add effects and EX.

How to play records – How to DJ with two turntables and a mixer

When it comes to playing records and transforming into a two turntables and  mixer DJ, you have a number the options. The clear choice option is to go digital with a digitally encoded vinyl system.  Digital vinyl will give you the best of both worlds. You will have two analog turntables and add to that  you will have two pieces of encoded vinyl that will let you mix MP3 and FLAC straight from your laptop. Unless you have a spare million dollars or a lifetime of record collecting behind you, a digital vinyl system will let you play digital music in the same way as you would play a vinyl record. Let’s be honest, every record collector needs an instant digital music boost.

Instant beat match how to hack the mix

Learning how to mix with a set of Technics is quite the challenge. You will have your hands full as there are no shortcuts. If you are learning how to mix two records on two turntables. You will need to take the time to learn… Or you can cheat 🙂 add a Laptop and the correct software to the mix, you will feel that power that you thought you were missing(facade but nevertheless). Once you kick in the auto beat match and launch a few effects. It will look and feel like you have been mixing for years. If you are looking for a quick fix the digital vinyl with Traktor or Serato will work as your safe haven and will give you that auto beat match magic.

If you want to put other MC’s to bed before they even open their mouths,  you need a formidable microphone. That formidable microphone is the Electro-Voice RE27N/D. Don’t let the word broadcast in the microphone description put you off. If you think about things a little, the word broadcast is all about the voice.

The Electro-Voice RE27N/D comes with a broadcast arm stand. These microphone stands are excellent if you only have a small space for your vocals. The arm style microphone stand can be attached to most up right structures. The element Neodymium design brings a full six decibels of sensitivity to this excellent vocal microphone.. This microphone has a completely flat frequency response. Making it a professional studio standard vocal microphone. Highly recommended for serious pursuitors.

Rating 9.9/10

We know of one MC who likes to use the oldest looking retro microphone they can find. They say it connects them to the Jazz roots and helps them rhyme. This person in particular also wares a jumper and smokes a pipe. If you want to pimp your MC hip hop style then let’s talk about a vintage 1950’s, war of the worlds style microphone. This microphone looks old but it is packed with new features and a crisp sound that will make your vocals jump to the front of the mix.

The Blue Yeti condenser microphone has 4 different polar patterns (Bi-directional, omni-directional, Cardioid,  and normal modes to be exact  This means you can have two vocalists perform over one microphone with no loss in quality(using the omni directional pattern). You can switch the direction of the audio frequency to pick up a more narrower or wider field. This will help you tailor your microphone to the environment and circumstances you find yourself in.

The custom made condensers that make up the Blue Yeti USB microphone have four separate polar patterns that can be adjusted using the pattern adjustment switch on the front of the Blue Yeti condenser microphone. The use of a cutting edge A to D convertor micro chip. Allows the analogue circuit to break and separate. This creates a separate path, allowing for a more dynamic sound. The condenser used in  Blue microphone have been specially patented.


You can  really boost with post processing with this mic. Other specs to consider: desk top mic stand , 5 pin xlr to stereo 3 cable , build quality is amazing metal construction and metal grill. 5/8 Xlr port to interface with Xlr devices. On botton of mic there is a 3.5 with latency free monitoring. On the front of the mic you have a mute button , front gain control ..frequency response rate of 20 hz to 20 khz , an SPL of max 120 db sampling rate 22khz -192 khz and bit depth of 24 bit.

The addition of a built in microphone pre-amp means you have zero latency monitoring. You will also find direct control over the noise level of the headphones along with a pattern selection. The added microphone gain is very useful as you will not have access to a mixer with a USB microphone. The added mute button is also useful. The excellent thing about the Blue microphone is the technology used. There are no shock or pops when you mute. The gain is also crackle free and very smooth. The headphone amplifier comes with a 15 Hz to 22 Khz frequency response. This creates a signal noise cancellation  of114dB. This is ideal for the live DJ environment or home recording studio.

Highly recommended

Our Rating 9.7/10

The Audio Technica Condenser microphone with USB output for digital recording  comes with AVD converters with 16 bit sample rate that produces 44.1kHz sample response. In plain English your USB condenser microphone will deliver near zero latency response. This is very useful when trying to integrate a USB microphone into a mostly XLR based mixer setup.

The excellent mix control will let you blend your microphone signal with other audio sources available. This is useful if you have no mixer or no DJ software. The added headphone jack and volume control will give you a zero latency folds mix of everything that your microphone picks up. The omnidirectional polaric setting of the condenser microphone will allow you to channel the signal at your vocalist.

Our Rating 9.8/10

Your records are valuable, you need to look after them. Vinyl can get really are expensive and if you want to be a vinyl DJ, your records are the tools of your trade. With this in mind you need to protect your records from dust, water and all the other grimes that comes along with the game. A good quality record box is an essential investment if you want to be a vinyl DJ. For the cost, the DeeJay LED record box is excellent value. Yhe hinges and locks are very strong. The entire DJ box is a professional flight case style record box. The design is perfect for the touring DJ.  The padded interior will hold 80 twelve inch records.

 Our Rating 9.0/10

    You have the DJ turntables and the DJ mixer. You are ready to go, you are a DJ. But your record collection is looking a little bit thin. Those twenty house records you have collected are going to get boring very quickly. You need a record boost, you need more records and you need them fast. You could steal from a bank or you could take up playing the lotto. You could also look at digital vinyl.

    The Denom DJ DS1 is a pocket-sized digital vinyl interface. In simple English, there is a pocket-sized box that plugs into your computer and the Serato DJ software. You then have two specially encoded records. Any music you select to play through Serato. Will play on the record, with zero latency.

    With two records you can have access to a million MP3 files. You can even mix those MP3 tracks in real time using your DJ turntables. If you are new to being a DJ and you have not mastered beat matching. You can also cheat, by using the auto beat match feature in Serato. This way you can effortlessly mix records and let your laptop and Serato do the hard work for you.

    Our Rating 9.7/10

    • If you ever find yourself in a super club performing alongside superstar DJ’s,  chances are you will walk into the DJ booth and be greeted by the Pioneer DJM 900. This is the mother… aaand father of mixers. You know those tricks you thought you could only do with Traktor and a MIDI controller, Triple that energy.  P900 is an epic mixer that lets you do some epic things with your mix. If you want tricks, this mixer has many. There are 4 phono outputs, a 24 bit sound card and 64 bit audio processing. The Pioneer DJM 900 is used at the biggest festivals and clubs by the worlds leading DJs for a reason. It is the best DJ mixer in the world, hands down.

      Our Rating 9.8/10

      If you have been looking at budget mixers and MIDI controllers, wait until you take a look at the back of the Pioneer DJM 250. You will find every audio input and output you will ever need. There is also USB  connection on this rig. The Pioneer DJM series of DJ mixers are iconic  if you haven’t noticed yet. Every top-level DJ booth in the world has a Pioneer mixer in it. You can pay anything from $500 to $5,000 for a Pioneer DJM mixer. They have wonderful pre-amps so do not hesitate on the 250.

      Lets keep it simple.. Two turntables and a mixer with a mic laying around. A basic mixer that kicks hard in all of the right places. This mixer is loud, the headphone amplifier is loud. The faders are hip hop standard. This is a hip hop battle mixer. When DJ’s go to battle only the best will do. The Pioneer DJM 250 is our choicet.. Let battle commence.

      Rating 9.6/10

      The Rolls Royce of DJ turntables: introducing The Technics SL1210. Unfortunately, the iconic and legendary Technics SL 1210 is on the endangered species list as they are no longer in production. BUT everything is OK ;)…There are thousands and thousands of new units available. The only downside is the price. When the Technics 1210 went out of production, the cost for each turntable apiked so this turntable is recommended for the serious, money-in-the-bag DJ who is willing to cough it up for it’s superior quality and historic stigma.  The Technics SL1210 has been the standard turntable for over 30 years. It is the best DJ turntable ever produced, with many of the original 1970’s still in operation. If hip hop is your music of choice and you want to scratch, our choice would be Technics SL1210.

      Our Rating 10/10

      Pioneer has an excellent reputation. They have dominated the DJ equipment landscape for decades. The PLX CDJ is the CD equivalent to the Technics turntable. The makeup is a series of mixers is the industry standard in clubs and live music venues across the world. The world’s best clubs and DJ use Pioneer mixers, as they are reliable and packed full of features.

      Pioneers move into the world of DJ turntables is logical. The attempt to pick up the Technics crown is working. The Pioneer series of turntables is excellent, We love them. There are two models available the PLX 500 or the PLX 1000 . Although both direct drive turntables. The PLX 1000 uses higher torque and a heavier dye cast frame. In the world of DJ turntables, the Pioneer PLX 1000 is the closest I have come to the iconic Techics SL1210. In both look and feel. The most impressive feature is how responsive the Pioneer PLX 1000 turntables are. They are certainly the main competition to the Technics crown.

      Rating 9.7/10

      The PLX 500 are an excellent beginner turntable. Finding a direct drive turntable with such a solid design for under $400 is excellent. The only reason the PLX 500 are rated lower and come at a cheaper price is because it’s more lightweight than the others.  When you are at home the weight of the turntable is not important. When you are in a DJ booth with a thumping bass sound system making the floor shake then you may need more weight to compensate. Happy Spinning.

      Our Rating: Rating 9.6/10

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