Top 6 Pocket DJ Controllers (Mini DJ Controllers)

Denon DJ DS1

If you want to rock the block party in the traditional and modern styles, how about becoming a pocket DJ? With a single pocket-sized controller and two encoded pieces of denom vinyl, you can turn any set of turntables of CDJs into a never-ending digital mixing machine.

When Stanton released Final Scratch in the early 2000’s, they opened the door for digital music on the dance floor. Using encoded vinyl a DJ could use Traktor or Serato, while maintaining the touch and feel of the much-loved vinyl record. This allowed many traditional vinyl DJs to expand their music and go digital.

The Denon DJ DS1 encoded vinyl looks and feels like the real thing. If you want to scratch and do it digitally this is the closest you will get to the real thing. Denon encoded vinyl is zero latency. No delays, just instant and just like you're  cutting a scratch on vintage vinyl. If you want the vintage vinyl crackle from digital music, just add a sample using Traktor.

You can use the Denon DJ DS1 on any turntable or CDJ. The Denon encoder box is small enough to sit in the palm of your hand and fit in a coat pocket. Not only is this the closest to mixing with vinyl, it is also the most portable.

Hercules Compact Controller

Hercules makes one the most complete and portable DJ controller and  "On the go" DJ companion. Hercules Measures only 13.4" x 3.9" and weighs less than 1.23 pounds; Fits very easily into a bag or laptop shoulder bag; USB bus-powered (detachable USB cable included). The Ergonomics  adapt perfectly to your laptop; All of the essential Djing functionality in an ultra-portable design; Two-deck DJ controller; 2 jog wheels, 2.95" in diameter; Mixer controls in the center, individual deck controls on the left and right4 modes (Loop, Fx, Samples, Cue) per deck; 4 pads per deck; 2 equalization potentiometers per deck; 1 volume potentiometer per deck; 1.77" crossfader; 10 control buttons including a SHIFT command allowing you to double all the pad controls.

 The essentials of the mix at your fingertips; Scratch as naturally as with a vinyl record with the help of the jog wheels; The jog wheels also control the pitch and navigation within the tracks. Highly intuitive features to create Loops, add effects and launch samples thanks to the unrivalled feel of the pads; Includes DJUCED 18 DJ software; Powerful and intuitive software; Mix two audio tracks on the fly; Save your mixes as audio files.

Our rating: 9.7/10

Reloop MIXTOUR Controller

If you want to learn how to mix quickly, then use this tip as a starting point. You combine a mixer and audio interface which creates a controller feature that allows you to plug your phone in and instantly start streaming and mixing from Spotify. This is exactly what Reloop has done with the MIXTOUR. I love this DJ controller. It is light, small and powerful. Spotify integration makes this an excellent controller. You can drag and drop tracks straight out of Spotify and straight into your mix.

The MIXTOUR has been developed for use on Android and IOS devices. The idea behind the MIXTOUR is a mixer that lets you plug into a smartphone or tablet and get down to some serious mixing. With Spotify integration, you have the history of dance music at your fingertips. Ready to mix and remix? The MIXTOUR supports DJ pro on the Mac and DJ 2 for IOS Android devices. If you are a Windows user, you can download MIDI maps from the Reloop website. That will cover Traktor and Serato.

The Reeloop MIXTOUR is an all in one controller and audio interface. The MIXTOUR looks like a digital mixer, but it is much more. If you look beyond the simple 2 Channel mixer with a cross, other setup you will find a powerful audio interface capable of delivering great sounding mixes straight from your smartphone or iPad. I am seeing more and more DJs using a DJ controller with a tablet device or smart phone. Personally, I love, when you add small speakers and some LED lights. You have a mobile party that fits in a rucksack. Furthermore, we are seeing more and more DJ's using a DJ controller with a tablet device or smart phone. 

Our Rating 9.5/10

Native Instruments Maschine Mk3 Drum Controller

We had to add this one to the mix. We can say plenty when it comes to the Maschine series Traktor has put out. When we first discovered Maschine we were speechless. If you have nothing to do for the next three or four days we  would suggest a trip   jump down the Maschine rabbit hole for any extended period of time.

Maschine works out of the box. The on-board software means you can perform a live set which is an awesome feature. When running Maschine in standalone mode, you will find over 25GB of samples and beats.


This amazing processor gives you a world of samples and loops for every style of  music out there. You can even start laying down drum kits with guitars and strings. The possibilities and amount of samples are endless. With time and practice, you can compose almost anything purely from the standalone mode. The Maschine is a professional  drum machine and MIDI controller that has been developed for the professional environment. The Pro-grade 96KHz interface has all of the pro outputs you will need to hook up to club sound system or recording studio. The dynamic microphone inputs are supported by MIDI in and MIDI out.

The smart strip can be used for pitch bending or be assigned to effects or MIDI functions. The touch strip is also excellent for emulating vinyl manipulation. You can perform some great scratch and beat juggle tricks with the Maschine touch strip.

In our opinion, and this opinion is supported by many…. The Maschine is the best MIDI controller there is. When you DJ with Machine, you can compose music and produce incredible hip hop. The fact Maschine is a stand alone device makes it an excellent choice for those times when your laptop is not always accessible. When you connect Maschine with MIDI DJ software such as Traktor, it performs better than most other DJ controllers.

With Machine, you can effortlessly switch between DJ and producer. With a little bit of time and effort, you can fully map Traktor or Serato to work with Machine in any way you want. Add to that, you also have the stand alone mode for those unplugged moments.

Our Rating 10/10

 Native Instruments rules the Traktor environment and inevitably, they make the best MIDI DJ controllers. All of their DJ controllers are produced in conjunction with Traktor. This is a professional grade, two channel mixer with two remix channels. The Z2 aluminum chassis comes with hip-hop standard faders. There are some innovative control features that makes controlling the various effects in Traktor simple. It is nice to have such full control over Traktor from a mixer.

If you have a set of real turntables, you will find Traktor encoded vinyl ready  and waiting for an ultimate mashup experience (The mash of digital & analogue concurrently). Digital encoded vinyl will give you a world of music and take your DJ sets to the next level.

Our Rating 9.8/10

F1..More Like AF1 ... has a very strong build. If you are planning on throwing it all into your mix, you need a DJ controller that will give you absolute control over Traktor and the various on-board effects. There really is nothing worse than having to reach for your laptop to make necessary alterations to settings, especially when you are deep into the mix.

You will have the ability to switch between and trigger up to 64 tracks, loops and samples from each deck. If you will be away from your laptop, you will find 2GB of pre-loaded remix sets at your disposal, which covers all styles of electronic dance music. The included 2GB of samples includes bass, subs, beats, strings, vocals, and claps. If you want to get to work on House, Dubstep, and trance. The X1 lets you bust open the box and drop a fat beat in minutes, no laptop necessary. Meaning you can jam on the train or in a hotel room

Our Rating: 9.7/10

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