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…Being  DJ was not always fly. All you have to do is take a look back through time. Before the year 1990, if you said you were a DJ the chances are you  would not have been taken seriously in the music industry. The mobile DJ was a creature known for not being “ill” but just playing records and filling in the music need at venues.


If you were a mobile DJ you had a record collection to meet all tastes. Prior to 1990, a DJ was someone that the kids loved, grandmothers laughed with over the PA, yada yada…The anticipation for a prime DJ coming to your venue nowadays is tremendous thanks to the evolution of sound and an appreciation for talented modifiers that have super amounts of mixing and matching tempos, who employ subsets only known through immersing an avid disk jockey in the world of sound wave energies..


Times  have changed drastically and now the mobile DJ is now the type of person who can open a rucksack and break out a mobile party sound system. A mobile DJ is cool. A mobile DJ is the one getting the party started and can also be the one to turn down the party if not careful with his systems he has engaged with…


If you want to be the ultimate, ready for anything, get the party started superstar DJ, we have got you covered. We have the smallest and loudest speakers. To sit next to a pocket-sized laser light show. As you tear up the dance floor on one of the worlds smallest and most powerful DJ controllers.





Rating 9.6/10



Simple yet a very powerful sound. employs asingle custom high efficiency 3” driver, which connects with the air to achieve a clear and balanced full-range sound in all directions. With powerful bass, clean mid-range and detailed treble this little guy can jam! You may have seen the design of  a MINI RIG before, as many have copied it. Besides being the original, the MINI RIG is different. The case is not plastic, it’s metal alloy. There are no cheap plastic cases or breakable parts. The MINI RIG is solid and built to last.


The MINI RIG is loud, surprisingly loud. The bass is rich and middle frequencies are crisp. This speaker is the best of the best. You can connect up to 8 MINI RIG as a daisy chain.


If you are planning a small party. I strongly recommend MINI RIG. The 80-hour battery life is going to have the most hardcore raver wanting to stop before your speakers run out of juice.


 Mobile DJ Controller


Allen and Heath Xone K1 

Rating 9.7/10



The smallest four deck mixer in the world. It is the light and slimline. With 54 fully mappable controls, the Xone K1 will bring your mix to the next level. Whatever your style of music. As we are looking to become the ultimate mobile DJ. We should use the ultimate mobile DJ controller.



The Allen and Heath Xone K1 weighs only 2.2 pounds. It is less than 14 inches long and 3 inches wide. This mixer will sit next to a laptop in your bag. When you need the Xone K1 you will have instant access to 4 decks and full selection remix decks and effects.



The K1 is USB powered so there is o need for batteries or external power supplies. The drain on your laptop power is tiny. As the only real power usage comes from the backlit buttons. The K1 can also be daisy-chained with other MIDI controllers in the Xone family. If you want a small DJ controller that has big power the Xone K1 has it all…Get this one in your rucksack

Another Mobile Controller Option

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol F1

Rating 9.8/10



The Kontrol F1 brings a slightly different vibe to proceedings. As soon as you see the brightly colored grid light up. You will be thinking of Ableton. The beauty of the Tractor Kontrol F1. Is that it is full mapped for Traktor 4 deck mode


There are 4 decks to play with. Each deck comes with 64 triggers, samples, loop or drops. The choice is yours. There are 2GB of pre-loaded remix sets. Ready for you to perform live remixes with. You do not need a laptop.


When you switch on the Kontrol F1 you will be presented with over 2GB of beats and basslines. That cover all types of music. Including house, techno, hip hop, drum and bass and dubstep. You can easily trigger sequences and loops in the transport section. You can also seamlessly switch between standalone and MIDI mode.


If you do hook up to a laptop via the USB 3 connection. You will find the Kontrol F1 has been fully mapped for Traktor 4 deck mode. If you are looking for the ultimate in lightweight DJ controller. The Kontrol F1 is the best In the business.


Mobile Lighting


LED Projector Laser Lights

Rating 9.3/10

This Bilco pocket-sized rave light show that is remote controlled. If this does not make your mobile DJ kit the coolest then nothing will. All you need to do is switch it on and use the remote control to switch settings. Modern day basic lighting sets go a long way for small gigs. Try not to over do it here…


LED Projector Laser Lights – Mini

Rating 9.1/10

A pocket-sized rave light show that is remote controlled. Not bad for the functionality, especially for small on the road giggetry. 😀


Roxant LED Portable Strobe Light- Mini

Rating 9.1/10




Everybody loves a strobe light, This one is compact and comes with 24 bright LED’s and an adjustable speed control. The attached bracket means it can be floor standing or hung from a lighting rig or speaker pole. This is an ultra compact strobe. The low power Led lights are very bright and will last all night without overheating or blowing out. In the range of portable strobe lights this is number one. The low power consumption makes this LED strobe a great choice for outside parties.




Power Beats

Rating 9.2/10


When it comes to lightweight portable headphones you have a few choices. You can stick with tradition and go with over ear, noise canceling headphones. The other choice is to take a walk on the wild side and try in-ear headphones for mixing. Power Beats are one of our top choices for the in-ear style.


There is a big shift within the DJ community towards in-ear headphones. That shift has been driven by the Beats range of headphones. Beats are  one the best, and there is very little doubt about the matter. They hold up real well when doing comparisons to say Klipsch with similar specifications  Furthermore, you get the same crisp frequency response as you get with studio headphones. The lack of a cup to cancel out any noise is compensated for by the audio processing used with Beats in-ear headphones The technology for in-ear headphones is excellent and Beats bring that technology from the live stage to the DJ booth.





Jaybird X3 Sport 

Rating 9.3/10


When it comes to lightweight portable headphones you have a few choices. You can stick with tradition and go with over ear, noise canceling headphones. The other choice is to take a walk on the wild side and try in-ear headphones for mixing. This method has been gaining ground over the past ten years.  You get the same crisp frequency response as you get with studio headphones. The lack of a cup to cancel out any noise is compensated for by the audio processing used with Jaybird in-ear headphones.


The technology for in-ear headphones is excellent and Jaybird bring that technology from the live stage to the DJ booth.

Key features

  • Wireless, designed to be as small as possible without sacrificing performance and looks
  • Secure fitting –The  silicone ear fins securely attach to the top and back/lower surface areas of the ear: snugness , locking 
  • Water resistant 
  • Battery lasts forever
  • Mysound lets you customize the sounds for more of a personal experience 

Mobile Bag



Rating 9.8/10



If you want to be mobile, you need a good quality rucksack or carry bag. You equipment is expensive and vital for your career as a DJ. The Chauvet DJ bag has been designed to fit your controller, laptop, headphones, lights, and leads.


There really is nothing we dislike more than a bag full of twisted and tangled audio cables. The only twisted and tangled thing I want to see are people on the dance floor. If you do not look after your audio cables they will break. When audio leads break they usually break at the most inconvenient time. I can guarantee you this will happen to you unless you are prepared for it retrospective to your scheduled gig.


As a professional DJ and promoter. I always have a spare and I carry all of my equipment in professional bags. This way I can stop my audio leads from getting twisted and breaking. You need to look after your expensive equipment. Especially when you travel with it. You need a specialist bag that can help protect your laptop and DJ controller.

The Gator has :

  • Rugged nylon exterior and thick padded interior
  • 10mm EVA rubber sewn into bottom of bag
 Ideal for MIDI



ASUS Chromebook Flip C302

Rating 8.7/10



When it comes to a laptop,  it’s  really important to think about which but not to the extent of frying your brain with indecision. I know most pro’s first choice would be a Macbook, and I understand this. For the type of software you typically will use, A Mac tends to perform better than a Windows PC. However, If you decide to use Windows, you have a great deal of choices. Because of the software you will be using, We recommend at least 4GB of RAM.


You also need to consider the number of USB ports and the audio out. Many budget laptop manufacturers save money by cutting down on the number of USB ports they use.


When selecting a laptop for your DJ career, it is absolutely ok to consider at a business laptop. And when it comes to business laptops, Chromebooks are one of the best to compliment your DJ setups. The Chromebook comes from a  range of laptops that have been made for travel. This is  one of the reasons they really do the job for DJ’s. You can travel with your laptop and be comfortable that it can take few knock and bumps along the way.

flexible 360 degree hinge and 12.5” Full-HD touchscreen to set it on any standard laptop table rack to make room for the rest of your equipment. It is super lightweight at just over 2.5 pounds, battery life rate of 10 hrs plus, Intel Core with 64 gb of storage to save ample amounts of media files you will eventually end up having if you do not already. 






Solar Charger,Dizaul 5000mAh Portable Solar Power 

Rating 8.7/10





If there is no electricity or generator, your party will only last for the amount of power your equipment initially holds. With a little added solar power and a few power banks, you can keep the party going all night long. This is the perfect solution for the travel DJ. After testing we found it to be a very good solar  power system strong enough to send a beach party as high as your beats will!


  • Made of eco-friendly silicone rubber and ABS + PC material, and with rubber paint surface process.
  • Football grain design has anti-skid protecting effect.Water resistant design ensures the device functions smoothly when it’s raining; Shock-proof feature ensures the device work properly even it crashes or drops.
  • With the free hook included, you may hang it on your backpack for long flights, road trips when you are a DJ on tour.
  • The USB ports are well protected by rubber caps, to further keep them away from water and safe to charge smartphones, tablets, or any other 5V USB-charged devices. powered does have limitations just like any other solar device. Please keep this in mind.

Power Bank


Anker PowerCore 13000 

Rating 9.6/10

There are thousands of power banks available. They come in various sizes and colors. They also come with various degree of quality. After testing, The Anker PowerCore 13000 showed very good battery life and quick charge time. It is also very light and portable. This is essential to keep the batteries charge when there is a power outage at your sets. Do not overlook this tool! You will thank us later…Ayyyye!


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