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Top 7 DJ Traktor Controllers

Traktor is the king of DJ software.  Add to that, MIDI DJ controllers have come a long way and so too has Traktor. the latest edition of Traktor takes the concept of being a DJ to a new level. The 4 deck mode and remix decks open up a world of possibilities. It is now more necessary than ever before to have a good DJ controller to use with Traktor MIDI DJ software. Traktor has evolved to offer seamless remixing on the fly. It is now simpler than ever to switch between decks while in four deck mode.

You can now load up to four loops in each sample deck. Even more. some of the  new effects include Tap Delay and Bouncer Delay. The remix decks will have you producing and mashing up beats like never before. Also, to get the most from Traktor remix decks and Traktor four-deck mode, you will need a powerful DJ controller. With a four-channel mixer. You will also need enough rotary knobs and drum pads to support the effects you use with Traktor.

Crate Flick lets you integrate your Traktor crate with iTunes. With Traktor, you can now drag and drop your music from iTunes straight on to a deck ready for the mix, which marks a  total revolution with Traktor.  With that, you can also drop tracks straight into remix decks. Ready to be chopped and mashed out of your mind! The updated Traktor auto beat match is more accurate than ever. Traktor will keep your music tight and in sync. The latest version of Traktor is pre-mapped for most leading digital DJ controllers. Traktor is  #1 DJ software, hands down. Traktor comes with some of the best DJ controllers for under $500. Ultimately, You will find Traktor to be the choice of most budget DJ controllers and our choice for MIDI at almost every level


 Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2 MK2 DJ Controller



The Traktor Kontrol K2 has recently been through a transformation. If you look at the Kontrol K2 it looks the same as it always did. Inside the K2 there has been an overhaul. The entire hardware has been tweaked and updated. The faders don’t look any different, but they have been improved. They now offer hip-hop , mixer, standard smooth transitions from one track to the next. The jog wheels have been updated. The new design incorporates flight-grade aluminum plates. The jog wheel has been shaped from silicon. This gives you better grip and control over your mix. You can now plug and play with IOS on the iPhone. Plug and play, is also supported on Windows and Mac OS. You will need more than 4GB RAM to use this controller on a PC.


Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol X1 MkII DJ Controller

The advent of touch screen technology has taken being a DJ to new places. The first time you use the iPad to manipulate the track you are playing it is extremely exciting.  And it is especially exciting when you discover just how low the latency is. The introduction of a single touch strip to replace the jog wheel was a brave move. The early DJ controllers that attempted this had mixed reviews. By far the best controller to do this was the now extinct Novation Twitch.

The idea of touch strip scratch mixing is very appealing. When a manufacturer gets the touch strip right, it is fantastic. On every controller they produce Native Instruments have the best touch strip controllers. The touch strip on the Kontrol X1 is amazing. So, scratch proudly with and  pinch the strip to hold the track in place, ready to be released. Furthermore, you can instantly switch scenes and switch your touch strip from record manipulation, to a delay or crossfader.

The new Kontrol X1 has RGB cue point triggers. This helps you visually identify the scene you are in. This means no more mistakes. All scenes and clips are clearly visible due to the color changing trigger pads. Now you have all of the relevant information relaid from Traktor to your controller. The Kontrol X1 will not work in Traktor 4 deck mode unless you link two Kontrol X1 devices together. You can do this with the included link cable. This means you only need one USB port to run two or even three devices. If you are looking for seamless Traktor effects and two deck control. The Kontrol X1 is the Traktor MIDI DJ controller, you have been looking for.


Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol F1 DJ Controller

If you are planning on throwing it all into your mix. You need a DJ controller that will give you absolute control over Traktor and the various on-board effects. There really is nothing worse than having to reach for your laptop to make necessary alterations to settings. Especially when you are deep into the mix. Also, you will have the ability to switch between and trigger up to 64 tracks, loops and samples from each deck, that is when you are away from your laptop.

You will find 2GB of pre-loaded remix sets. That covers all styles of electronic dance music. Also,  2GB of samples  are included in the pack. Bass, subs, beats, strings, vocals, and claps. If you want to get to work on House, Dubstep, and trance. The X1 lets you bust open the box and drop a fat beat in minutes, no laptop necessary. Meaning you can jam on the train or in a hotel room


Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S5 DJ Controller

The big challenge for MIDI DJ controller manufacturers has always been how to keep a DJ’s hands off their laptop and on their DJ controller. So, as Traktor has grown and become more of a complete DJ production studio. it has become more challenging for DJs to keep their hands on their controllers and off their laptops.

If a DJ does not have complete control. You find yourself having to make changes from a laptop. This means your mix will not be as smooth as you would like. When the pressure is on and you are playing live. The last thing you want is to be reaching for your mouse and laptop. With the Kontrol S5, you find complete control over Traktor from your Kontrol S5 DJ controller.


The touch sensitive knobs and buttons give an intuitive control over your music. The excellent touch strips mean you can cue and drop tracks at any point. So, the use of touch strips has created more room on the controller for effects and functionality. The touch strips are excellent and provide one of the lowest latency alternatives to a jog wheel. You can quickly set up a four deck mix and keep it tight with auto beat match buttons. You can instantly assign filters and effects by selecting the scene. Beat matching will help to keep your beats and effects tight.


Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol D2 DJ Controller

We want our MIDI DJ controllers, small and more powerful. However, some DJs want their DJ controllers to big and look like gigantic record players. Well, the Traktor D2 laughs in the face of these notions that bigger is better. The D2 is a Traktor controller for the sort of DJ who wants to tear the house down. Then add a touch strip that will let you cut and scratch like a vinyl master. This is the Kontrol D2, one of the most revolutionary DJ controllers ever produced.

The bright full-color display will react to all of your various scenes and pop up displays. The 8 color-coded pads will trigger all of your samples and loops. You can toggle the scenes with ease. If you are playing in a tight spot. The D2 is small enough to squeeze into the tightest of spaces. The adjustable feet, meaning you can set the perfect position for your controller during your live DJ performance.


Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z2 DJ Mixer


Let’s be honest, Native Instruments rules the Traktor environment. Reason being, they make the best MIDI DJ controllers. Furthermore,  all of NI’s DJ controllers are produced in conjunction with Traktor. So. that is why Native Instruments produce the best Traktor Controllers. This is a professional grade two channel mixer with two remix channels. Additionally, The aluminum chassis comes with hip-hop standard faders. There are some innovative control features.

That makes controlling the various effects in Traktor simple. It is nice to have such full control over Traktor from a mixer. If you have a set of real turntables. You will find Traktor encoded vinyl. Ready for you to take part in the ultimate mashup. The mash of digital and analogue. Digital encoded vinyl will give you a world of music and take your DJ sets to the next level.


Native Instruments Maschine Mk3 Drum Controller

The Maschine series of controllers, what can I say? When I first discovered Machine I was speechless. If you have nothing to do for the next three or four days, I would suggest a trip to YouTube and jump down the Machine rabbit hole.

You will see some incredible ideas and some inspirational performances. Maschine, works out of the box. The on-board software means you can perform a live set. Whenever the mood takes you.

When running Maschine in standalone mode, you will find over 25GB of samples and beats, add to that, samples and loops for every style of electronic music you can think of. Further, you can even start laying down drum kits with guitars and strings. The possibilities and amount of samples are endless. With time and practice, you can compose almost anything purely from the standalone mode.

The Maschine is a professional drum machine and MIDI controller that has been developed for the professional environment. Also,  The Pro-grade 96KHz interface has all of the pro outputs you will need to hook up to club sound system or recording studio.  Furthermore, The dynamic microphone inputs are supported by MIDI in and MIDI out.  Further. the smart strip can be used for pitch bending or be assigned to effects or MIDI functions. The touch strip is also excellent for emulating vinyl manipulation. You can perform some great scratch and beat juggle tricks with the Machine touch strip.


In my opinion, and this opinion is supported by many… The Maschine is the best MIDI controller there is, with everything else equal. When you DJ with Maschine, you can compose music and produce incredible hip hop. The fact Maschine is a stand alone device makes it an excellent choice. Use your laptop is not always to hand. When you connect Maschine with MIDI DJ software such as Traktor. Maschine performs better than most other DJ controllers. With Maschine, you can effortlessly switch between DJ and producer. With a little bit of time and effort, you can fully map Traktor or Serato to work with Maschine in any way you want.  Finally, you have the stand alone mode for those unplugged moments…Enjoy!

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