Top 5 Best Wireless Headphones for DJ’s

What are the Best DJ Headphones for House Parties?


There is a strong correlation between your headphones and your stamina in the booth. How so? well, being a DJ creates a few  “fun” problems. The biggest problem is that your work is never over. After a good night at the club and two house parties later, you will always be asked to step up and play one last DJ set, at the bare minimum. This is OK, after all, playing music is what a DJ loves to do so you should have no qualms. Enter problem number two. When you are the DJ you make “happy” people even more “happy”.  These happy club goers  will love to bond with the DJ and what better way then to grab them a drink. Learning how to DJ while potentially intoxicated is a skill that you need to learn in moderation (emphasis on moderation) , and so headphones  that you  can forget are there can be priceless in this situation( less cords and less weight the better).

Using DJ equipment in an intoxicated state can be dangerous if you do not practice. But headphones that stay comfortable around your noggin will surely have its benefits. Hence, headphones we need to discuss for their irresistible comfort.

During our first DJ set, a friend handed us shots of Patron, continuously. As we indulged over and over again,  some of us  fell on our asses. I personally fell on my backside and straight into a drunken sleep.  Lucky  I donned wireless earbuds that night. If I had been wearing wired headphones it could have been a disaster. If  it had been plugged into the mixer, it could have brought the mixer to the floor and all of the DJ equipment could have landed on top of me. With wireless, we avoided this potentially massive problem and kept it going professionally with no hitch at all. Here are 5 of the best wireless headphones after testing  hundreds thoroughly with big sound, cancellation of external noises and hazard proof features in the forefront.


The Best Wireless DJ Headphones In The World


Beats By Dre Studio Wireless Over-Ear Headphone 

Rating: 9.7/10


Beats by Dre break every rule in the sound engineer handbook. They are the last pair of headphones a professional audio engineer will tell you to buy. Despite breaking every rule in the audio engineer handbook, Beats by Dre are perfect for bass junkie DJ’s and microphone happy MC’s. BBD uses enhanced audio. The audio you hear from a pair of BBD’s has been compressed to enhance the two frequency ranges a DJ uses the most. The bass is very deep and heavy. You get a recreation of a subwoofer in your ears. If you are involved in music production I would not use a pair of beats. If you are playing on a big and heavy sound system. Beats will bring what the dance floor is hearing to your headphones.


The compression used in a pair of Beats is very heavy. The effect this has, is a sharp bass kick. As the lower frequency has been compressed snap on the kick drum is incredibly tight. The beats are not very forgiving if you play a loose mix. If you are learning how to mix. I think Beats are an excellent choice as they are so unforgiving. If you are learning how to beat match, Beats Professional DJ headphones will help you keep things nice and tight. The Dr. Dre inspired Beats are heavy on the bass and crisp on the high end. The frequency response in a pair of Beats compliments the latest breed of heavily processed sound systems. Newer sound systems use tight rates of compression and processing to deliver a more heavy sub bass experience.


If you know you are going to be dealing with a big sound system and big monitor speakers. You need seriously loud headphones. Beats by Dre come with big noise cancellation and powerful drivers. This means you can be confident. No matter how loud the club sound system is. You can always hear the tracks you are playing clearly. Meaning your mix is tight every time. Beats by Dre are quickly becoming the first choice DJ headphones for many of the world’s leading DJs. The choice of wired or wireless means you can set yourself free with wireless technology.

Ghostek Cannon Wireless Bluetooth Headphones 

Rating: 9.6/10





Incredibly well constricted Bluetooth DJ Headphones, made from aluminum and leather for strength and comfort, the Ghostek Bluetooth DJ Headphones deliver a big sound. The ear cups are very good and help to cancel out as much noise as possible. It is true, in the DJ box you will never cancel out the thud of the bass. That is part of the job, training your brain to cancel out that throbbing bass frequency and concentrate on the headphone mix.

Noice Cancellation

These headphones offer excellent noise cancellation. One thing I like about the Ghostek DJ headphones is their comfort. As the headphones are constructed from aluminium and leather they sit very lightly on your head. The leather ear cups and headband reduces sweat and enhances comfort. The Bluetooth range is fifty feet. This comes in very useful if the bar is close to the DJ booth. I love how I suddenly remember I am wearing headphones when the signal cuts out as I walk too far from the mixer.


The Ghotek DJ headphones come with a play time of 14 hours. This is excellent battery life and you will most definitely give up the mix before your headphones give up on you. With 40mm drivers and a response of 20htz to 20khz. The bass kick is crisp and tight, with excellent sub and low frequency response. The middle frequencies are clean. While the top frequencies are sharp. These headphones are excellent if you are learning how to beat mix. As the high hats are amazingly clear and crisp. This makes them easy to follow.

Important things to consider when buying wireless DJ headphones


If you want to use Wireless there a few things to consider. Number one is reliability. If your wireless battery dies halfway through a mix, how is it going to look? Imagine the dance floor, stopping as your headphones go silent. You always need to check your Bluetooth wireless headphones are fully charged before you play a DJ set.

You should always have a spare jack to jack connection available. If your Bluetooth wireless headphones ever stop working. You can quickly plug in using the jack to jack connection. Always have a mini jack to quarter inch jack adapter available. If you use any wireless devices and a laptop computer make sure all of your wireless devices are only available for a single connection. It is not unusual to hear of a DJ getting hacked through a Bluetooth port as they play a DJ set.


Are your headphones comfortable?


I am going to make a guess. You are a new DJ who is going to obsess. As a result, you will spend many hours each day plugged into a mixer with a pair of headphones on your head. The question is are they comfortable? The last thing you want are big and uncomfortable headphones slowing you down. If you select a pair of DJ headphones with leather ear cups and a leather headband. You will sweat less and find greater comfort in your headphones. The use of an aluminum headband is also very good for comfort, as it will not dig in your head as much as plastic.

What is the frequency?

If you speak to a jumper wearing audio nerd they tell you to buy flat frequency headphones as they are the closest you will get to a natural sound. Ignore this advice, Nightclubs and parties are not normal places. The latest breed in sound systems are not natural. They have taken all of the most important dance music frequencies and enhanced them. A pair of DJ headphones should support can support those enhancements.

Bose QuietComfort 35 (Series II) Wireless Headphones, Noise Cancelling

Rating: 9.9/10



What can we say we are  DJ’s that loves bass. Yes, it’s all about the bass, no treble! As soon as we get in the mix we crank the bass and drop the treble before unloading a barrage of heavy duty dubstep. The one thing you need in such circumstances is a pair of headphones that can bring the heavy bass the dance floor is hearing to your ears.




The Bose QuietComfort 35’s in particular last 20 hrs before having to charge! There are 30 preset frequency settings which will let you set the response of your headphones in tune with your environment. At first glance, this looks like a gimmick but after further inspection when we tested these out, the preset EQ settings are very useful. If you are in a professional audio environment these are for you. And,  for a house party they are a great deal of fun and very comfortable. The enhanced crispness of Bose  is great if you are learning how to beat mix and if you want to tap into sub-bass frequencies a little more. The sub bass is excellent and will help you create a bass heavy mix.


Bluedio U (UFO) PPS 8 Drivers Over-ear Bluetooth Wireless Headphone 


Rating: 9.8/10



You want your DJ headphones to be strong and able to take a few bumps and bangs. The Bluedio PPS wireless headphones are made from a tough alloy frame. The drivers incorporate specially developed acoustic technology to deliver an enhanced yet sympathetic sound. The 30 hour battery life and detachable audio cable are a big plus.

The Bludio’s are very durable which is always a big plus. You can easily replace the ear cups and audio lead. SO no problems there. One of the major positives about these headphones is the price (sub 70). You will find professional grade audio processing with a professional alloy frame. The Bludeio PPS 8 is a professional bluetooth wireless DJ headphone. With excellent sound quality and strong noise reduction from the comfortable over-ear caps.


AUSDOM ANC8 Active Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headphones

Rating: 8.9/10



With 20 hours of music time and bass that will make you feel like someone locked you in a bass chamber. The ANC 8 will keep the bass heads happy. If you are playing heavy bass music on a heavy sound system you need a heavy duty pair of DJ headphones. That can deliver big on sound and noise cancellation.

The ANC8 Active noise canceling Bluetooth headphones deliver big on sound and noise reduction. This is exactly what you need In a club with a big sound system. The ANC8’s are constructed well and will take the drops and bangs you would expect a pair of DJ headphones to take. The 20-hour Bluetooth, battery life is backed up with a 3.5mm audio jack. As far as budget Wireless DJ headphones go. The AnC8 are excellent value. They are not professional grade, but they are more than up to the job of playing a set in any nightclub.





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