World’s Best DJs: Top 6 & Their Equipment



What Equipment Do The World’s best DJs Use?



If you want to be a DJ the choices are endless. If you want to be one of the best DJs then you will simply need the best equipment to supplement your abilities with the beautiful stereo mathematics that these machines output. We can remember when being a DJ involved two turntables and a record bag. Wayyy too much of a load with decks and records, was definitely  the back breaker era. Just ask any DJ over the age of 30 what they think. Hence, The CDJ and professional DJ mixers have taken being on of the best DJs to the next level as far as logistics. Not only can you fit an entire recording studio of equipment into a backpack but you can put a world of music on a memory card and rock a thousand parties with  pocket sized controller. So, what are the big name boys/girls using? How does Richie Hawtin rock the mix and how does Flying Lotus create such big beats for the dance floor? Here are some of the world’s best DJs and the equipment they use.


Richie Hawtin


Mixer Allen and Heath Xone

Rating: 9.4/10

The Allen and Heath Xone 92 mixer is the Cadillac of club mixers.  This professional five channel mixer comes with two independent stereo mix outputs and two auxiliaries for external devices . This will allow you to have a monitor mix to support your front of house mix add to that, you will find two independent stereo outs.It is also fully midi compatible. Allen and Heath produce the baddest working mixers in the industry. The Allen and Heath name is legendary when it comes to professional DJ mixers.  . This is the same standard as you find on every professional DJ mixer.  The two independent filters mean you can create the most extreme filters and delays across all four channels simultaneously. There are two auxiliary sends and return to send effects to, on each channel.


Controller Native Instruments Kontrol D2 DJ Controller

Rating: 9.6/10

When it comes to techno, there is nothing better than Traktor. If you want to get deeper into the mix, you need a Dj controller that will give you advanced functionality over Traktor. Nothing on the market does that like the Traktor Kontrol D2. The Kontrol D2 has been developed with live remixing in mind. This is why superstar DJs like Richie Hawtin use the Kontrol D2 to create epic four deck sets. Every aspect of  the Tractor four deck mode has been considered to give you one of the world’s leading Traktor controllers as used by the world’s leading DJs. You instantly have touch sensitive control over the four Traktor remix decks. When using the four sliders, each slider comes ready mapped for Traktor remix decks. Furthermore,  this is one of the smallest Traktor four deck controllers available and so happens to be one of the best for one of the best Djs on the scene. The touch strip offers beautiful control over audio tracks. You can even scratch with it, just like vinyl.

Headphones  Pioneer Pro HDJ

Rating: 9.9/10


Ahhhhh… these look so nice with a blood red background, and they  will sound just as killer on set! When you are presented with a big club space and a big sound system. So, truth is you need the best monitor mix you can get. A mix going wrong at a house party is one thing. When your mix goes wrong in a big club with thousands of ravers in attendance, you have a big problem. The best way to keep your mix tight is to make sure you can hear everything that is going on. The Pioneer Pro HDJ’s are the choice for  many professional DJs and for good  reason, and Mr. Hawtin is no exception to utilizing these beasts.


Andy C


Controller Technics 1210 mk5 

Rating: 10/10


The DJ Andy C has been a pioneer of electronic music for over 20 years. He is truly one of the best electronic Djs to ever live. And, during this time he has been a DJ at some of the worlds largest legal aaaandd not so legal parties. Further, C is a DJ that comes from the old skool. When you see Andy C play there are typically no digital controllers or MIDI devices. Instead Andy C uses the original Technics 1210 turntable. Many companies have tried to release the next great DJ turntable.  Ultimately, most brands have failed to compete so there really still is only one DJ turntable that hits home with us. That is the Technics 1210. Whatever music you are spinning Technics will do the best job.


The entire deck has been crafted from metal. The dye cast platter is the most stable you will find. The weighting system that supports the arm and needle cartridge  is a thing of beauty. You can carefully alter the weight of the arm. Depending on your style of mixing or weight of vinyl you are using. If you include a digital vinyl system. You can use encoded records to play tracks directly from Traktor or Serato. You can also incorporate other digital MIDI controllers to support your mix. This will let you use more loops and samples. As your entire system will run from MIDI. You can assign various MIDI commands from your decks to the PC.



Headphones Seinhesser HD25 

Rating: 9.9/10


Professional DJ headphones need to be lightweight and comfortable. Seinhesser has a reputation for just this. Moreover, They are the first choice of professional sound engineers and DJs. Due to their durability and excellent sound. Seinhesser uses aluminium voice coils that have been developed to stand up to the demands of the DJ booth. If you are looking for a pair of headphones that are capable of delivering in  the loudest of environments.  The sensor produces the loudest headphones in the world. After 20 years being a DJ it is no wonder Andy C uses  the Seinhesser HD25’s.


Flying Lotus


Mixer, Pioneer DJM-1000 PRO

Rating: 9.8/10



Most leading nightclubs have a Pioneer DJM mixer. They are possibly the most iconic and best DJ mixer ever made. Typically, if you are mixing with turntables and CDJs, you will  eventually fall in love using a Pioneer DJM.The latest breed of Pioneer DJM mixers are electroclash analogue and digital in the most beautiful way. Even the retro designs look cool. It is no wonder a cool beat maker like Flying Lotus would be using the world’s coolest DJ mixer. Pioneer DJM mixers offer fantastic control over your mix. There are two separate auxiliary send and return pots on each channel. There is also  a dual stereo out, allowing for a front of house mix and a monitor mix. Each channel has high, middle and low pass filter sweeps of the highest standard.


Controller Akai APC 40 

Rating: 9.6/10



When Ableton Live arrived on the scene, people thought it would revolutionize electronic music and live performance forever. They were right. For good or bad, Ableton has changed live music forever. When a select few began utilizing Ableton as a DJ tool, some very interesting sounds started to evolve from the underground. The Dubstep and Grime scenes have certainly had fun with Ableton. Akai has dominated hip hop for decades and the MPC is the go to drum machine for leading hip hop producers. The Akai sampler revolutionized dance music and nearly every dance record produced in the early nineties used an Akai drum machine or sampler.


It is no surprise that Akai has produced the best controller available for Ableton Live. The APC40 has been around for years. But it is still the best and the go to controller for hip hop royalty like Flying Lotus. The eight by eight clip launch with three color, lighting gives you three times the control over the scenes you produce using Ableton Live. The sliders can be assigned to perform any MIDI function in their pre-mapped state. They provide excellent control over the ABleton Live mixer. The Akai APC is USB powered and uses very little drain from your laptop. The only power drain on the APC comes from LED back lights that uses very little power.


Pretty Lights


Controller Akai MPD 32 

Rating: 9.6/10


Pretty Lights creats deep and uplifting music. Their live sets are legendary. Pretty Lights are a good example to all DJ’s. PL’s  have evolved their sound over the years. From mixing other people’s music to making and performing their own electronic music. With the Akai MPD32 you access 64 samples with 16 pressure, velocity, original MPC drum pads. 12 separate software parameters can be assigned across the 6 channel faders. All channels can be fully mapped to match any MIDI software. The beautiful thing is, there is on-board software that comes with over 2GB of loops and bass lines. That will cover all areas of electronic dance music. This means you can plug in a start composing beats with no laptop.




Controller Novation Launch Pad

Rating: 9.7/10

The LP is the coolest and most iconic Dj controller in the world. It is everything that Ableton Live is to electronic music, and it is the disco box that changed the way a DJ thinks for ever. The Novation Launch Pad has helped a thousand DJ’s destroy  millions of  dance floors, Floss being one of them (top tier of best Djs, our opinion soley) . The Novation Launchpad is the DJ controller that started the revolution for the digital DJ. It is the first DJ controller that took the concept of having no jog wheels and faders. It is the controller that allowed a DJ to fully understand the concept of Ableton and bring it to the dance floor.


The eight by eight grid allows you to enhance your live performance with enhanced MIDI control of Ableton Live. You can control all of your scenes and clips from a single and very portable controller. Also, the LP hasl lots of power meaning you will have no problems with battery life and power sources. The Launch Pad has been used by millions of DJs and electronic music producers. The Launch Pad is responsible for some of the most iconic live music performances ever. The Ableton Live software will let you take the concept of being a DJ to the next stage.



MC Conrad


Shure SM58

Rating: 9.7/10


MC Conrad is the MC who sang and created rhymes to support the legendary drum and bass DJ LTJ Bukham. His microphone of choice is the Shure SM57. With  Shure SM58, you can argue that it is the most used live vocal microphone in the world. Where ever you go, you will find a Shure SM microphone. As they offer the flattest and most natural sound you will find. The best thing abou Shure microphones is how durable they are. You will always find a battered and dented Shure microphone in any live music venue but functioning at 100%. Add to that, these battered and broken looking microphones still work and still sound great. Shure makes microphones that will need to be strong in a live music environment. The SM57 and SM58 microphones are the best of their kind that you will find.

Beyerdynamic M160 Double Ribbon

Rating: 9.7/10

When in the studio MC Conrad prefers to use a ribbon microphone and you will notice he uses this one by Beyerdynamic. However, one key thing to note here is that you probably should never bring a ribbon microphone on the road with you or use it at a party. They tend to break  break very easily if not handled carefully. They are named after the microphone coil, which literally uses a ribbon to vibrate and record audio. You will never find a trier frequency response from any vocal microphone. If you are working with a vocalist with a sweet voice this microphone will enhance vocals and make them sound warm and pure. The BeyerdynamicM160 is our choice for the ribbon mic









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